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ossh website8.jpg Mum gets back to running after surgery

Peterborough Telegraph: 24th May 2015

A woman who suffered debilitating back spasms which made her life a misery has completed a marathon recovery by going the extra mile for charity.

Margo Cox (55) from Orton Longueville was left in agony after suffering back issues since she was a teenager. But after receiving surgery she made the decision to compete in the London Marathon.

Margo said “I had tried everything I could to help, I had traction in hospital, acupuncture, pain killing injections and many other types of medication, but in the end I found the quality of life with such pain was affecting my daily life and so I opted to have surgery”.

Margo had surgery at the Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital in Bretton six years ago and has since made a full recovery.

Margo said “after surgery I  spent some time off work and within three months I felt totally pain free and I had a new lease of life”.

“I completed the marathon in six hours and forty minutes and my family were there to cheer me on”.

Margo told Mr Shair that “at the end of the race she had pain everywhere except from her back”!

Margo ran the marathon in aid of the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy.

Roger was crippled by back pain – now he runs up mountains

Mail Online : Tuesday 17 April 2008
By: Isla Whitcroft

More than 1.5 million Britons suffer from spondylolisthesis – displaced vertebrae which cause severe back pain and mobility problems. Roger Riley, 62, a retired metal worker from Bagillt, Flintshire, underwent a new operation to treat it. He tells ISLA WHITCROFT about his experience while his surgeon explains the procedure. More…


The surgeon used nails to hold my plastic disc in place, and ended 20 years of agony

Good Health: Me and my operation – Disc replacement
Daily Mail : Tuesday 1 July 2003
By: Isla Whitcroft

Early this year, after 20 years of back pain, development manager Hamilton Scanlon, 45, from Huntingdon, has an artificial disc fitted in his lower spine. Here, Hamilton who is married to Lesley and has two daughters, laura, 18, and Victoria,11, tells ISLA WHITCROFT, about the operation, and his surgeon explains the procedure.
The surgeon put my new hip together like a ship in a bottle

Good Health: Me and my operation – Micro hip replacement
Daily Mail : Tuesday 29 April 2003
By: Isla Whitcroft

Hip replacements give mobility back to arthritis sufferers and rid them of pain – but recovery time can be up to four months. Now, a less invasive operation has arrived, and one of the first to have it is Michael Reed, 44, who tells ISLA WHITCROFT his story. Below, his surgeon Ahmed Shair outlines the procedure.


I lost my limp after 54 years

Health+: Me & My Health
The Sun : Thursday 25 July 2002
By: Emma Morton

Op makes brave Pat’s legs the same length
When Pat Malbon’s husband bought her a new pair of shoes she knew the operation she had waited 54 years for had been a success. Two days before she had undergone three-and-a-half hours of surgery to help her to walk properly.