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Client Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials we have received from our patients . From all of the OSSH team we wish to say a BIG thank you to our patients for their kind and appreciative comments and for awarding us 5 stars. It is a privilege to care for you. These outcomes are what we strive for every single day, for each of our patients. These are what makes it all worthwhile.

With kindest regards

Kate Strohman

  The Registered Manager – Orthopaedics & Spine Specialist Hospital


Rated 5 stars out of 5

by Dave – Posted on 08 October 2020

This Orthopaedic hospital is outstanding. There is an extremely competent and skillful surgeon supported by excellent staff. The staff cannot do enough for you and they really care about you post operative and your comfort. The hospital is spotlessly clean and well maintained. The food was tasty and plentiful. All the time I was there, I was reassured, relaxed and comfortable. Overall, I have no complaints or issues.

Visited Orthopaedics on August 2020



Rated 5 stars out of 5

by Liam shields – Posted on 02 October 2020

I was welcomed by all the nurses and people at the hospital. I had L5 decompression surgery and I am healing very well. I received excellent care and was always informed of what was going on. The hospital was clean, food was good and I was kept out of as much pain as possible as a result of my surgery. I had never had surgery before this and the process was so smooth and I am very thankful for all the hospital did for me.

Visited Orthopaedics on August 2020


great hospital

Rated 5 stars out of 5

by andrejus kiseliovas – Posted on 28 August 2020

very good doctors,nurses,very qualified specialists,very tasty food,i am very thankful for everyone,my operation was done brilliant,i am feeling much better now

Visited Orthopaedics on August 2020

Highly professional experience

Rated 5 stars out of 5

by Tony Shores – Posted on 12 October 2020

My initial consultation was highly informative and reassuring, giving me all the information I needed to decide my course of treatment. When I arrived for my operation I was met at the door by a Nurse and this level of attentiveness continued throughout my stay. The Anaesthetist met with me prior to my operation and fully explained the process, answering any questions I had. My operation went as planned, on schedule, and the immediate aftercare was intensive. This continued until my discharge. Nothing was too much trouble and there was always a Nurse at hand to attend to me. The overwhelming feeling was that my wellbeing was the focus of the hospital and everyone present. I was kept well informed of everything from beginning to end. Everyone I encountered was polite, professional and enthusiastic. The Hospital was clean and tidy. The choice of meals was good and the quality high. I even received an unexpected telephone call at home two weeks after my operation to enquire how I was progressing. I can’t thank everyone enough for the quality of care I received. I would thoroughly recommend this Hospital and the services it has to offer. They are of the highest quality.

Visited Orthopaedics on August 2020


Great practice.

Rated 5 stars out of 5

by Robert Gibson Bevan – Posted on 22 September 2020

I found the operation, the hospital, the staff and the surgeon to be top class. I would thoughly recommend this hospital to anyone. My grateful thanks to all concerned.

Visited Orthopaedics on July 2020


First Class

Rated 5 stars out of 5

by Andrew Sedgwick – Posted on 16 September 2020

Fantastic service from initial consultation to successful post surgery discharge. Very nice facility with “first class” nursing support.

Visited Orthopaedics on July 2020


Fantastic practice

Rated 5 stars out of 5

by Scott – Posted on 24 June 2020

Had a operation on my spine, before I had the operation the information and care was fantastic. Once I got to the practice nothing was too much trouble. Every member of staff were just fantastic and caring. The difference they have made already to my life is incredible and I carnt thank them enough. Would recommend to anybody. Thank you all

Visited Orthopaedics on June 2020


Excellent Hospital

Rated 5 stars out of 5

by Janet – Posted on 15 August 2020

From the first outpatient visit through being admitted, having surgery on spine, follow up and discharge the treatment was first class. The staff worked as a team and were caring and efficient.

Visited Orthopaedics on June 2020


Spinal surgery

I had been managing back pain for several years with plates and swimming when in March 17 I developed chronic sciatica. During this time I suffered a bereavement and found myself caring for mum with Alzheimer’s, holding down a full time job and trying to be a housewife and Nana. Simple daily tasks caused searing pain. Following failed attempts to relieve with physio I eventually had a scan and was referred to the doctor by which time I was at an all time low and had no idea how I was going to cope with having to take time out for surgery. The doctor was amazing, he was kind, respectful and full of empathy for my situation giving me the confidence to go ahead.

I had surgery on 2 January and woke up pain free and able to stand straight for the first time in 9 months. The healing process has been as I was advised and the external scar something to be proud of.

I can’t thank the doctor and his team enough and recommend the clinic without reservation. I feel I have my life back thanks to their clinical excellence and emotional support. Although it is only a few months, and still under orders to be careful, I am now back to normal activity and even able to take my dogs regular long walks again.

Visited in January 2018. Posted on 29 April 2018

Spinal Surgery

I first visited this hospital in February, met with the surgeon who explained the surgery to relieve my pain would be cervical disc decompression and fusion at two levels. They took time to explain all that was involved and answered any questions I had which put me at ease.
During my pre-op assessment I met with a nurse who would be looking after me following my surgery in March. A few days after my discharge the nurse called me to see how things were going. I am certain this approach helped me and aided my recovery.
Following the surgery I had only minimal discomfort and the original pain has gone completely.
The team at Peterborough Orthopaedic & Spine Hospital are fantastic, they have the perfect balance between friendliness, professionalism and kindness. Every one of them including the secretary’s, nurses, surgeon, Drs, chef and physio are amazing.
I have no hesitation in recommending this hospital.

Visited in March 2017. Posted on 05 May 2017

The Consultant is an amazing specialist

After sever neck problems the Consultant performed amazing surgery to remove a disk from my neck and replace it with part of my pelvis. Four months on from the surgery I can feel the difference absolutely fantastic surgeon and a very friendly and welcoming specialist. I would highly recommend him and his hospital!

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 29 March 2018

Spine operation

I had a spine operation on the 12 Dec 2017 and the surgeon and his team were excellent and It didn’t feel like that I was actually in a hospital. The care was second to none. Highly recommend

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 09 February 2018

My stay at this hospital

My operation was a decompression of part of my spine. I was well informed about it & had no qualms whatsoever. Both the consultant & the anaesthetist explained their procedures fully & I was very satisfied with the quality of my care, before, during(didn’t know much about &rafter. This is a hospital I would fully recommend to anyone who has to go there. Once again thank

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 11 February 2018

Brilliant hip replacement experience

Recovery from my second hip replacement under this brilliant surgeon and his team has been even better than the first replacement. Operation within 16 weeks of referral, no changes to operation date. No thigh muscle cut, no pain, clear instructions to follow to ensure best possible recovery. Remembered and cared for by same nursing staff as last time, real respect, understanding & support given for me facing this second op & recovery alone not long after losing my partner. Calm efficiency, consideration of individual needs, experienced professionalism, friendliness from first entering the door to being helped into the car taking me home and receiving a phone call at home a few days later to check how I was doing made me feel safe & confident about every aspect of my treatment & recovery. An amazingly pleasant experience, a strange thing to say but absolutely true.
At an age when lots of people I know have hip, knee or back problems I always recommend they ask for a referral to OSSP and this surgeon. Everyone I know who has had their surgery at OSSP, like me, has nothing but praise and good things to say about their experience. A huge thank you to everyone at OSSP, you are all stars.

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 02 February 2018


In December 2017, I had spinal fusion surgery for digenerative disc and trapped sciatic nerve, I cannot reccomend the consultant and his team enough. The care from start to finish was fantastic. All staff were polite and helpful . Diginity and care was at its best. They reassured and calmed my worries and I cannot believe the difference in myself within these first 10 weeks. I cannot thank the team enough. Not only did I feel this way it was evident others felt the same as we spoke during our physio sessions (walks in the corridoor). Thankyou everybody for all your hard work care and compassion you all do an amazing job. A very big thankyou again.

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 21 February 2018

Treatment of my stenosis

Having had a MRI scan which showed there was stenosis of my spine the surgeon explained how he could operate to remedy the condition to correct the numbness in my right calf and the deterioration in my walking. The operation was arranged for about four weeks ahead and an early admission on that day was followed by surgery later the same day.

I awoke back in my room later that afternoon in a comfortable bed without discomfort and received a light meal of sandwiches etc. plus medication as necessary from attentive nurses I rested well during the night with the help of a drink of hot chocolate in the early hours of the next morning.

Breakfast arrived as ordered during which the surgeon visited to enquire how I was. Having given him a positive reply he confirmed I could return home later that day after the physiotherapist had given me some exercises to perform at home and information regarding getting out of bed and for how long plus insistence that rest was essential to allow healing to take place.

A follow-up meeting was held about eight weeks after discharge at which the surgeon satisfied himself the operation site had healed completely and my legs were working properly. He also advised that I could resume driving but heavy lifting and playing indoor bowls was forbidden for another four weeks, but thereafter return to normal living.

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 23 February 2018

I was referred to this excellent Hospital because of severe pain due to spinal fractures. I found the initial consultation with the Surgeon – very explanatory and reassuring and agreed a detailed plan on suitable treatment. This was followed by an outpatient treatment which did exactly what i was expecting. The Surgeon was also extremely helpful with recommendations and advice for my GP which has had further positive developments. I am now 100% improved and can’t thank them enough for their professional, reassuring and approachable service. I strongly recommend. Thank you

Visited in March 2017. Posted on 02 June 2017


Injured my back last year and heard about this surgery from my Osteopath. My GP ordered an MRI scan which showed a serious problem which required a neurosurgical opinion.
GP reffered me to this hospital where I was examined ,diagnosed and operated on in less that 4 weeks. Decision was made to have lower back surgery(surgical decompresion).I can honestly say I had this procedure and experienced no pain whatsoever. Everything was explained in detail and the care was wonderful. The Doctor and their team were brilliant and I cannot rate them more highly. Over two months since the op and feeling and movement are coming back slowly and I am expected to make a full recovery over the coming months.

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 09 May 2017


Excellent treatment for low back pain

I recently attended the hospital for surgery on my lower back. I was very pleased with the treatment and care I received. The hospital was easy to get to, plenty of parking and was clean and spacious. The consultant and staff were all very kind and caring and I felt I was treated with consideration and respect. I would certainly recommend this hospital to anyone else who needed treatment.

visited in February 2017. Posted on 26 April 2017


WOW – Hopefully this sums my experience. Having followed the NHS plan for a bad back, I was very grateful that my GP referred me to what I would described as a ‘World Class’ facility.

A fantastic consultant, supported by an excellent team and doing a wonderful job, its just that simple!

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 07 April 2017


Following an MRI scan I chose the Peterborough Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital. I had no previous knowledge or dealings with this hospital but was reassured by my own research. I met with specialist and found them to be very engaging, open and honest. I brought my son with me as I felt it was a major decision to make as to whether or not to have surgery and the specialist involved him fully in the conversation about the causes, procedure and recovery. I felt confident in going ahead with the procedure of a decompression of the lumbar spine at L4/5 and decompression of the right nerve root canal at this level.
An appointment was made for within 4 weeks and they copied me in on their letter to my GP. At both the pre-op appointment and at the time of my admission the staff were exemplary in their treatment of me. Everything was explained clearly at every stage of the process and timings given were always adhered to. Post operatively I was given a serious of exercises to do and I was contacted to see how I was getting on. It was made clear that if at any time I had any concerns I was to ring the hospital and the specialist would speak to me.
For me the operation has been a great success, leaving me with increased mobility and decreased pain. The entire journey was conducted in a thoroughly professional, courteous and friendly manner at all times in a hospital unit that was nothing short of first class.

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 10 April 2017


Having a hip replacement at the Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital was a pleasant experience with more the atmosphere of a holiday than that of being in a in a hospital.
I have been most fortunate in my recovery. My son was equally happy about a spine operation he had.
It would be wonderful if the standard of care and comfort provided in this hospital could be provided universally.
I am delighted I now have the opportunity to have my other hip replaced at the same hospital as I have total faith in the surgeon, anaesthetists and staff there.

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 19 April 2017


I was recommended the services of my Consultant by friends and so thankful that they did.
The care and attention given by the whole team is excellent.
Maintaining the expected professional level in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
In an instance I highly recommend.

Visited in February 2017. Posted on 23 February 2017


My wife had an operation on her spine at her Consultant’s Ortho and Spinal Clinic two years ago, with 100% success. When an old spinal injury I had suffered became worse, I had no hesitation in contacting the same Consultant. Having viewed my MRI scan results, they strongly recommended spinal fusion of three vertebrae in my lumbar region.
After a three hour operation I was instantly pain-free, actually walked unaided four hours after I regained consciousness, walked up and down a flight of stairs the following day with the aid of the physiotherapist, and was home the following day.
I have steadily improved since the operation two months ago, and the Consultant is still monitoring my progress, and have booked a further meeting in three months time, so after a successful operation, I have first class follow-up service.
I now feel years younger, and at 74 years of age now that is a real bonus. It made me realise how debilitating pain can be in one’s daily life. In real terms I have been walking around for the last 47 years with a broken back, which no-one had diagnosed!
I cannot thank you enough, or recommend your services and facility highly enough. Thank you again.

Visited in January 2017. Posted on 17 March 2017


Following a TKR in October 2015 by another local hospital and consultant I was very concerned that difficulties were becoming apparent in regaining full use. After several months of private physio I requested a second opinion and was referred to a Consultant at the Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital. My experience from walking in the front door was calming and relaxing. I was able to discuss my problems with much ease, understanding and empathy. The Consultant went above and beyond to work around my problem in an attempt to provide me with a functional knee.

I can only speak highly of my personal experience whilst in their care and have already recommended this Hospital to a personal friend.

Thank you for your experience shared with me.


 I underwent an anterior discectomy in January.

This was advised by the consultant after several years of increasing discomfort and limitations. The consultant was crystal clear about both the straightforwardness and benefits of the procedure. It was, in the end, an easy decision to make. Once in the hospital I was anxious but this decreased as I met the consultant, anaesthetist and theatre staff. Outside the theatre doors I was amazingly relaxed. The consultant answered all my many questions before and after surgery and was very prescriptive about what i could do and when after the operation. With regards to recovery and benefits the experiences and the steps forward were exactly as predicted by the consultant. Almost 5 months on the pain and discomfort have gone and I can do things I simply couldn’t before, things as simple as removing the lid to the kettle to weeding and planting in the garden. I would advise anyone to take treatment at this hospital.

Visited in January 2016. Posted on 01 June 2016

Pain reduction.

My nhs consultant gave me two options regarding my constant agonising pain in my ankle which had previously been fused and had osteoarthritis in it.
1: An operation that would leave my toes sticking upwards or
2: Do nothing and carry on in constant pain.
I asked my doctor to send me for a second oppinion with another consultant after searching and checking a few reviews, lucky for me they did.
The consultant straight away understood my anguish and arranged an xray. After veiwing it myself it seemed to me that the two remaining screws could be the cause of my constant pain. The consultant confirmed my thoughts and offered to remove them in the hope that my pain could be reduced.
Shortly after I had the op and to be honest have not felt the chronic constant pain that I was suffering since.
It hasn’t been a miracle cure as the arthritis still remains but to not be woken up in the middle of the night or wake up in the morning with horrendous pain is fantastic. I use to wish I could have my leg amputated but I can cope now which is better than I was for the previous 12 years.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to my consultant, I cannot recommend your clinic enough.

Visited in March 2016. Posted on 01 June 2016

Second Life!!

I had my back pain for over 15 years. I felt numbness when I walked and this disturbed my daily life. Tried every methods but in vain until I met the consultant. The consultant performed a spine operation on me and I am cured. Thank you very much.

Visited in March 2016. Posted on 25 May 2016


spinal fusing

I was extremely apprehensive about having surgery on my spine. The doctor was very calm, reassuring and obviously new their stuff. So much so that I decided to go head and have the surgery. On admission the Nursing staff were great , kind helpfull and again really good at the jobs, I noticed that infection prevention measures were always observed and well carried out. The care I revived was second to none. What really surprised me was the food, I have been in 4 star restaurants that would have been proud of the menu on offer and the quality of the food, just fabulous. To sum it up I’d say clean spotless hospital with professional caring staff that go that extra bit to make your time there as pleasant as it could be.

Visited in March 2016. Posted on 26 March 2016


Decompression and spine fusion

Hospital was spotlessly clean!! All staff were friendly, approachable and accommodating in outpatients and on day of operation. Dr and anesthetist explained on day of operation exactly what was going to happen, very comforting. I cannot thank Dr enough as I had no quality of life before but they have given me my life back!! Thanks again.

Visited in March 2016. Posted on 01 April 2016

Spinal operation

I was admitted here on 22nd of March 2016 for an operation to remove part of the bone that was trapping the leg nerves and giving me extreeme pain. On that morning i had an operation in which the surgeon removed a prolapsed disc and other obstructions. After coming round in my room, i felt the relief of not having that pain straight away. There were the normal ‘after operation pains’ but the extreeme pain in my lower back and legs had vanished. When i left the hospital, later that night, i could almost sprint out, where as before the operation, i could hardly hobble around with a stick. I would certainly reccomend this hospital and all of its team to anyone that has anything spinal that causes them to need treatment. I feel like a new man now. Thank you to the whole team that looked after me while i was on my short visit, you were Fantastic.

Visited in March 2016. Posted on 13 May 2016


Spinal Decompression and Fusion

First thing to say is that the timing between consultation and admission for surgery was just 2 weeks – exceptional!
The hospital has easy access routes and ample free parking!! The reception was welcoming as were the staff. The consultation was very informative. My options were explained in plain language in an unhurried and pleasantly empathetic manner by my consultant which put me at ease and meant I was able to make an informed decision there and then on what was major surgery.
Upon being admitted for surgery, without exception, all the staff I came across whether medical or non medical were always polite, courteous and very friendly – it sort of felt you were part of ‘the family’. I had a private room which was ensuite, spacious and comfortably furnished (TV was functional but could do with updating).
On the day of surgery both the visits by the consultant surgeon and the consultant anaesthetist were reassuring and informative.
Post operation care was well provided and when could eventually face some food the menu choices were immense and resembled a hotel – the food was excellent.
Staff were really accommodating of visitors with no real restrictions on times and even made them a cup of tea – what service!

I would have no hesitation recommending this hospital if you need orthopaedic treatment

Visited in February 2016. Posted on 22 April 2016


Spinal Decompression and Fusion

cannot recommend this hospital highly enough. The whole process from first appointment through to post surgery appointments was incredibly easy. Each member of staff treated me excellently with due care and attention. The whole process was made very easy with attention given to my individual needs. The care I have received has been exemplary and I would not hesitate in recommending this hospital…in fact I already have! Thank you!

Visited in February 2016. Posted on 28 April 2016


excellent in every way

This place is brilliant. I recently had an arthroscopy on my knee I had a fantastic level of service from the day i set foot in this place. It is spotlessly clean & the friendliness of all of the staff staff was second to none. There was somebody waiting for me when i arrived on the day i was having my operation & i received the best care i had ever had. The consultant came to see me in the moring, then the anethatist & then the porter & i felt totally at ease all the time that i was there. The nurse that took care of me while in my room was brilliant they kept coming in to see if there was anything that i needed. I cant believe how lucky i was to be refered here by my doctor and my knee is fantatic even at this early stage. Whoever is treated here will not be dissapointed. Thank you to all the staff who gave me the most wonderfull care i really appreciate it.

Visited in February 2016. Posted on 18 February 2016


Best Hospital Ever

Very kind and helpful staff, good rooms comfortable beds. Everything runs like clockwork. I had a hip replacement last month and can honestly say I had virtually no pain at all. Everything spotlessly clean and I had the same nurses throughout my stay and they were lovely. If you need ortho paedic treatment try here it is fantastic!

Visited in January 2016. Posted on 26 February 2016


changed my life

My Consultant has changed my life.
20 years of back pain, so i have to have a ‘Decompression and Spinal Fusion’.
No more back pain and its amazing.
i cant thank the staff enough who all where amazing and kind and the food WOW!
My life really has changed for the best and once again Thank you so much to my Consultant and all your staff.
Your all Heroes.

Visited in January 2016. Posted on 06 May 2016


best care, could not fault a thing.

I had a spinal decompression and fusion 7weeks ago. I’m soo glad I got to have my op done at Peterborough Ortho spinal hospital. From the beginning I felt relaxed and informed. I was confident in the fact this op would improve my life. All the staff are amazing, friendly, caring, and polite. Very clean and relaxed and lots of privacy. The doctor has done an amazing job and I cant thank them enough.
Amazing hospital ?

Visited in December 2015. Posted on 12 February 2016


Back operation

I had a back operation 7 weeks ago, I am pleased with the out come. All the staff was very friendly, helpful and treated me with respect. The consultant was fab and explained and kept me informed with everything what was going to happen. I can not thank the hospital enough and I would recommend the hospital to family and friends. thank you once again

Visited in December 2015. Posted on 14 February 2016


Spinal fusion

Excellent all round

Staff, facilities, room, food etc.
I was very nervous but the staff were very happy to answer my numerous questions to put me at ease.
I would have no hesitation recommending this hospital and my Consultant to all.
NHS at its very best

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 10 March 2016


I Doubt You Would Receive Better Care Anywhere Else

I attended POSSH for a total knee replacement. I chose this hospital from a list offered me and, having read a few reviews, felt it was for me. Let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This hospital is excellent in every way. The building itself is very welcoming with a lovely reception area. It exudes calm and efficiency and is very clean and well-maintained. My private room was spacious and well equipped with seating for guests and a TV. The rooms have en suite facilities, which is really nice as you have privacy throughout. The food is excellent, too, with a menu to choose from each day and meals personally served by the chef. I was very nervous about the operation having never been in hospital before but every step of the way I was informed of what was happening and involved in the whole process. Before the operation I was visited by the consultant as well as the anaesthetist and both spent time with explaining what was to happen and making sure all my questions were answered. They were both so calm and reassuring and professional that you could not help but be reassured. In addition, the nursing staff were exceptional; they gave their time and expertise willingly and made the stay into something that can be remembered fondly in the future and I am sure that cannot be said of many hospital stays. Though fearful of the general anaesthetic, I was supported through the pre-operation procedures and before I knew it, I was waking up back in my room. The operation went very smoothly and the speed and ease of my recovery has been so much more than I had hoped for. I am now back at work and my knee is so much better and I only have a small amount of discomfort now and good flexibility. In addition, the scar is really not very noticeable at all. I cannot praise the staff of this hospital enough and I would – and do – recommend it very highly to everyone. Thank you so much for everything POSSH.

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 16 March 2016


Total Hip Replacement

I have needed a hip operation for a number of years and have put it off due to my comparatively young age(50). This has resulted in my right hip wearing away very badly causing me tremendous pain and a lack of mobility. I walked with a pronounced limp, as I basically dragged my right leg along.
The consultant at this hospital has seemingly worked a miracle by replacing my hip and allowing me to walk without pain and with a drastic improvement in mobility. I do not limp anymore and can even put my own socks on again.
I cannot praise them highly enough and would whole heartedly recommend this hospital to everybody.

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 18 March 2016


An exemplary Hospital in every respect

9 years ago I had a knee replacement privately funded through a health care policy. 3 years ago I had an operation to repair a finger under patient choice. On 30 Nov 2015 I had a hip replacement, also under patient choice, all of which were carried out by the same surgeon. Full mobility and a return to sport were achieved in a remarkably short time with virtually no pain or discomfort after the operations. The standard of nursing and care was simply outstanding: caring, considerate and respectful of one’s needs. All meals were excellent with a tasty choice of dishes to tempt the appetite. The cleanliness throughout the hospital was of the very highest order. Two operations under NHS patient choice and one privately funded and the exceptional treatment was in every respect the same in all cases.

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 14 December 2015


Third operation in six months. Follow on review Sept 28

My first operation May 2015 was to release trapped nerves.
Second operation Aug 2015 right hip replacement.
Third operation Nov 2015 for left hip replacement.
All successful and as my previous reviews stated I could not have wished for better care.
The doctor is a brilliant surgeon. My scars are so neat and fading quickly.
I have had no problems with healing at all.
I can walk without aids and am pain free.
I wish the words would come to express how grateful I am to all the staff at the Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist hospital.
I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 04 January 2016


Bulging disk

Excellent hospital!! From the staff I came into contact with I was treated with kindness, care and respect; whether it was the receptionist, cleaners, nurses or surgeon. From my very first appointment I was impressed with time keeping, knowledge of my complaint and their skill to reassure me of any worries I had. Because my husband was receiving cancer treatment at the time I had to wait before I could have my surgery. The doctor was extremely courteous and accommodating with helping us with a solution. My operation went extremely well and was completely successful, I was surprised and impressed with how little the pain was compared to what I was expecting.

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 10 January 2016


Back operation

I am delighted that I was able to go to the Bretton hospital for my back operation, as the care I received could not have been better. I have been without pain since the surgeon’s skill in dealing with my disc and sciatic problem. The nurses were very friendly and helpful, and I saw the surgeon several times during my short stay. The only help that I would have found useful would have been a written sheet of exercises to take home, as I have not necessarily remembered all that the physio nurse explained before I left the hospital. This is the hospital I would choose if I need orthopaedic help in the future.

Visited in October 2015. Posted on 01 December 2015



I had two major operations in july and september 2015. The first to correct a problem with discs in back and the second for a full hip replacement, both ops conducted by the surgeon.
The ops were performed with a high level of skill by the surgeon and the level of care shown by the surgeon and their staff was top class.
Every member of staff that I came into contact with treated me with dignity and respect and were obviously highly trained.
The hospital was very clean, the food was excellent and the level of care was of the highest standard.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Orthopaedics and spine specialist hospital at Bretton, Peterborough to anyone requiring surgery of this nature.

Visited in September 2015. Posted on 15 November 2015


Orthopaedics and spine hospital Peterborough

I had a back operation and was so pleased with the staff,they was so friendly and treated me with respect and dignity throughout my stay , the consultant was very professional and explained everything about the procedure even after the operation ,the consultant is a true specialists who knew exactly what the problem was on my first visit to them, the hospital was very clean and tidy , the food was lovely , The staff was friendly and very helpful to my family keeping them updated when I went to the operation room and even when they rang to see how I was , I would recommend this hospital and staff to others and I thank them all for making my stay very nice and comfy .

Visited in September 2015. Posted on 15 November 2015


Hospital Stay

This is my 3rd visit to Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital in Peterborough in the last 18 months. I have the highest regard for the consultant and their staff. The last was for a hip replacement. I found my stay, as usual , up to the highest quality, from my initial consultation, through to my operation itself. The care I received was second to none. The anaesthetist understood my fear of needles and was very understanding. The operation went without problems, as I would expect, and my after care was very calming and positive. The nurses could not have done more for my wellbeing. So Thank You for a very pleasant stay. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone requiring orthopaedics or spinal care.

Visited in August 2015. Posted on 01 October 2015


Knee replacement

Very well looked after. staff very helpful. would go back again.

Visited in August 2015. Posted on 07 November 2015


Specialist hospital – Exceptional treatment – Dedicated team

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to Orthopaedic Specialist and their expert team following my stay in hospital.
I have suffered with lower back pain for the past ten years, initial investigations revealed varying disc degeneration of the lumbar spine area, fortunately there was no evidence of neurological compromise so surgery wasn’t necessary and the pain was managed with medication and physiotherapy. Recently my condition had become worse and the onset of sciatica was causing additional discomfort, not only making every day tasks difficult but also disturbed my sleep patterns night after night leading to extreme tiredness and feelings of despair.
Further investigations proved my condition had progressed but was informed on two separate occasions that nothing could be done to combat the pain and surgery was too risky, my only option was to continue with medication even though it had become less and less effective.
In desperation I returned to my GP and was eventually referred to the specialist for their specialist opinion.
Following my initial consultation, they fully explained all my options and was confident that surgery was needed and this would relieve the sciatica and greatly reduce my lower back pain.
I agreed to the surgery which took place three months ago and I’m pleased to say it has been a success. Even though it’s still early days, my symptoms have vastly improved, I haven’t felt this comfortable in years and no longer need to rely on constant medication.
I would certainly recommend treatment at this hospital following my experience and here are some of the reasons why:

The highly experienced team of specialists provide expert advice and treatment
The initial consultation was in depth and not rushed
All your concerns and questions are answered in detail
Treatment options/alternatives are explained with the expected outcomes
The hospital is a clean and safe environment
All staff members are friendly, caring and dedicated
I felt total confidence in the teams ability at all times
The waiting times are short
The food is excellent

Visited in July 2015. Posted on 26 October 2015


Hospital rating

The level of care from initial consultation to post operative contact was of the highest standard. Waiting time was minimal and I was booked in for my operation on the day of my consultation. The staff / patient ratio is high so they always have time for you and I felt completely looked after and at ease. Although it was a very friendly atmosphere it was also very professional, there was even a follow up phone call a week later to see how I was getting on.
I am very happy I went to this hospital and I can fully recommend it. The facilities are of a very high standard and the Consultant and their team are a credit to their profession.

Visited in July 2015. Posted on 08 July 2015


The Hospital is a shining example of NHS service at its best

The team at this hospital could not be more efficient, caring or professional in dealing with patients.

The surgeon is exceptional, the nurses considerate and professional and all other members of staff add value to the team ethic that increases their patients chances of a positive outcome.

You can be reassured that this Hospital provides the best care possible for its patients.

Visited in July 2015. Posted on 17 July 2015


Excellent experience in difficult circumstances

I was hoping for a miracle, after 10 years of back problems and two back operation later I was referred to my consultant in agony.

No miracle but the care, compassion, consideration and treatment shown and delivered came close!

All of the staff are absolutely delightful, the facilities are immaculate and nothing is ever too much trouble. Thank you to you all.

Special thanks to my consultant who was the most efficient, professional, caring consultant I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Visited in July 2015. Posted on 26 August 2015


Excellent care

I was treated with dignity, courtesy and respect from day one, with consideration given to my lifestyle and circumstances when discussing my condition and planning for my operation. All staff – from cleaners and the chef to all medical staff – were friendly and professional. The operation was fully explained and there was constant discussion with myself and my husband of my treatment, prognosis and next steps. I would have no hesitation in recommending this hospital.

Visited in May 2015. Posted on 15 July 2015


Excellent hospital

My visit to the hospital was a very nice experience, all the staff were very professional and seemed to know their job very well. I was well looked after, the hospital was very clean and tidy, my room was excellent. I really couldn’t fault it at all, I would highly recommend going there than anywhere else for an operation if they were able to.

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 28 August 2015


Experience of excellence

I recently had decompression and fusion on my lumbar vertebrae and my experience from the initial consultation to the last consultation as an out patient was that only of excellence. All the staff were very caring and informative which put me at ease as well as my husband. The food was amazing and the on site car park is right next to the main doors which is very beneficial when you have mobility problems. The surgeon is an expert in this speciality and I would recommend anyone to be under their care.

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 27 April 2015


Treatment received after two recent different procedures.

In July last year I had surgery on my spine and in December I had a right hip replacement . Both times I had excellent care before, during and after the operations Nothing was too much trouble for any of the staff, the doctor being particularly helpful being available at all times no matter how busy they were. I shall have no fears when I have to go again later in the year.

Visited in March 2015. Posted on 28 March 2015


Excellent service

I have a chronic back condition. I have been under the care of this hospital for the past 18 months and I am amazed and delighted with the service. I have received excellent care and I am an NHS patient. I have had two epidural procedures to help pain control with good success. I have received excellent communication both written and verbal and feel my care is very holistic. On my last visit on seeing the level of my discomfort I was put forward for my procedure 4 days later. This allowed me to return to work quickly and function in my family environment and with in the community . I have worked as a staff nurse in the past so I am very aware of the efforts made to maintain this clean and welcoming environment. My consultations have been informative, relaxed and very reassuring. My stay at the hospital has only been for a few hours at a time. I was greatly impressed by the standard of cleanliness and friendly and professional approach of staff. This is the standard of care that all patients should experience. My thanks to all staff .

Visited in February 2015. Posted on 09 February 2015


worth many more stars!

Having just been discharged after receiving excellent quality care from the very first appointment, through surgery and follow up appointments, I can honestly say without a doubt that this has been the very best care I have ever recieved.All of the staff were professional and caring, even down to the chef, personally serving breakfast and checking it was to your liking and that you had everything you wanted. The food was excellent quality and very tasty indeed.
The consultant themselves is warm and welcoming and it has always been a pleasure to see them. The consultant welcomes you to this hospital like you are a family member visiting their home. They have certainly employed staff to work with the same ethos as them. I felt as fully informed as I wanted to be and had plenty of opportunity to ask questions which were welcomed and answered clearly.
When the day staff handed over to the night staff, they were brought to my room, doctor included, and introduced to me so that I was aware of exactly who would be caring for me overnight. I needed pain relief during the early hours and my buzzer was promptly answered and I recieved my medication immediately. I have never experienced this in any other hospital, ever.
The continuity of care and professionalism was incredibly good throughout my stay in hospital and I would have been more that happy if I had to stay a bit longer with them.
I was told to phone the hospital after surgery and going home if I had any problems. I made two calls and my queries were answered promptly, after the consultant had personally been consulted about my questions both times. The advice I was given solved both issues within a short space of time.
I can not speak highly enough about this hospital and have been recommending it to everyone I know.

Visited in February 2015. Posted on 19 May 2015


A problem walking

I was having a problems walking and my GP arranged for a MRI Scan and referred me to the Orthopaedic and Spinal Specialist Hospital. The consultant told me that a scan showed nerve damage at the base of the spine, due to arthritis and explained a procedure which could help me. Although since the condition first presented itself 2 years ago, the consultant could not confirm a satisfactory outcome would result even if they released the pressure on the nerve.
The risks and possible benefits were fully explain and I decided to go ahead with the suggested procedure. The operation was fully explained and was carried without stress or concerns. The following day The consultant visited me and told me the operation had gone well.
Almost immediately my balance improved and I was not falling over. Three month on my walking has improved and I no longer need a support to enable me to walk. I am most grateful to the consultant and team for helping me to become mobile again..

Visited in February 2015. Posted on 04 July 2015


Bulging disc operation

have suffered for over 3 years with a bulging disc which has now been expertly repaired by the Surgeon and his delightful team of nurses/carers. My pre-op and post-op care has been faultless and I can assure anyone awaiting an operation at this hospital of absolute professionalism, care & attention at all times.

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 13 February 2015


Hip replacement surgery

Very happy with all aspects of my experience, as this was my very first stay in hospital at the age of 63, I was extremely nervous. No need to have worried at all, had my operation on Monday and was home on Wednesday. Would definitely choose this hospital again, the surgeon is an excellent surgeon.

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 12 February 2015


Excellent treatment highly recommended

I first met the consultant following a medical transfer from Salzburg hospital with a neck injury after a skiing accident. They carried out a cervical spinal fusion and the result was fantastic, I have never had a problem since the operation and the scars around my neck have all but disappeared.
I then had a shoulder injury and they performed a rotator cup and once again I have had no problems with my shoulder.
Finally in November of 2014 I had an operation on my hand for Dupuytren’s contracture, the occupational therapist looking after me stated it was the one of the best results for this procedure she had seen.
A member of my family had a long standing back problem and due to the excellent treatment I had received I recommended this hospital, she has had the operation and is now fully recovered.
The consultant and all of their team provide the very best of care and I would not hesitate to recommend this hospital.

Visited in November 2014. Posted on 10 January 2015


Highly recommended

From the moment I met my consultant I knew they could help me. I had many months of back pain and sciatica and had tried everything you can name. My consultant and the team of dedicated Nurses looked after me and really gave me confidence in the procedure and myself, and very detailed instructions as to what to do and what not to do once home.

Visited in November 2014. Posted on 09 March 2015


Life changing!

Words can barely describe how my Consultant and his colleagues have transformed my life,I suffered badly with a prolapsed disc and was about to accept that this was something I’ed have to live with.After a breakthrough with my Gp I was sent to see the Consultant who straight away diagnosed the problem and booked me in for an operation and I must say the service by everybody there was impeccable,exceptionally clean friendly calm and reassuring.I am still recovering nicely and haven’t stopped recommending the good Dr.He has transformed my life!

Many Thanks

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 27 February 2015


Superb experience

Hospital with infection free history, top surgeon, personal care, great food. Isn’t this the treatment and experience you want when you need an operation? I did and I got it. Every aspect of my hip replacement was first class. My sincere thanks to staff who lead my care, and all the team. Post op progress is going according to plan. When my other hip needs doing this is the only place I want to be referred to.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 25 October 2014


spinal decompression op

I had heard nothing but good about this hospital and i have to agree everything about my experience was first class and i am now pain free and would give it a 5 star rating.
If you need an orthopaedic operation get your doctor to refer you to Bretton you will be in very safe hands.

Visited in August 2014. Posted on 09 March 2015



I was referred to Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital by my GP. I had a pleasure of meeting my consultant who subsequently performed my arthroscopy. The clinic was very nice. I was given a separate hospital room on the day of the operation. The administration and medical staff were very polite and courteous. The consultant treated me with utmost respect and great diligence. After the surgery I had several follow-up appointments suggested by Dthe consultant in order to make absolutely sure that I recovered completely. The quality of service I received through the NHS referral was fantastic! It was just as good if not better than the quality of medical services I had received in private clinics in the U.S.

Many thanks to the consultant and their staff for taking great care of me!



Visited in August 2014. Posted on 11 April 2015


It was almost a pleasure to have an operation

A hip replacement in August 2014 enabled me to walk pain free. I think my treatment and care was world class and I thank all of you for this. I also thank the N.H.S.for providing this treatment. Our health service is a “golden egg” and we should cherish and protect it at all costs. JB, Peterborough.

Visited in August 2014. Posted on 09 May 2015


I under went a revision total knee replacement on the 9th june 2014, I cannot…

I under went a revision total knee replacement on the 9th june 2014, I cannot fault the level of care that I received from all of the staff from the beginning of my stay at the hospital through to the time I went home. I also received a courtesy call from the nurse to see how I was getting on.

From first seeing the surgeon on 20th february 2014 until my operation I considered my waiting time to be short. I found the surgeon to be an extremely highly qualified professional who listened and took the time to understand and address my problem with the previous knee replacement. I would highly recommend the orthopaedics and spine specialist hospital to anyone,I cannot thank the team enough for helping me.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 18 June 2014 using FindTheBest


Spinal Decompression Op

This was my second visit in 5 months, first in early January for a total left hip replacement, which is a success and secondly in June for a spinal decompression. I had no qualms about going back to the hospital for the spinal decompression. From the moment I had my first consultation for this, through to the operation itself, I was treated wonderfully, all aspects were gone through with me, and the operation was carried out within a short time of the first meeting. The most important point was knowing the actual date of the operation itself. The surgeon could not have been better professionally , and has a charming personality. Along with all his team, from the receptionist, the anaesthetist, through to the wonderful caring nursing staff, who considered nothing too much trouble, to the chef, and to the lady who cleans. My experience at the hospital was a very pleasant one. I have been for my 5 week check-up, so I can now get on with my life more easily thanks to this wonderful hospital and staff. 5* treatment always.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 02 August 2014


Back Operation

I was referred to this hospital for an operation on my back which involved fusion of my vertebrae at the bottom of my spine. The whole experience was made completely stress free from the initial meeting with the surgeon who gave me total faith in his capabilities right through the stay in hospital for the operation and the aftercare in the follow up appointments. A brilliantly well run hospital that gives the upmost care to it’s patients. If you are lucky enough to be referred to this hospital be rest assured that you are in the safest of hands.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 06 September 2014


Very impressed with everything from start to finish.

My 17 year old son had surgery following a back injury which was extremely painful and debilitating for him at such a young age . My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the consultant and all of the wonderful staff who work there and cared for him from support and domestic staff through to Consultant.

We were both very impressed with the information and detail given to us regarding the damage from the injury, subsequent surgery and after care as well as the standard of cleanliness, food, professionalism, caring and respect shown by everyone towards us.

We cannot thank you enough and he is now looking towards a better future without the chronic pain he was experiencing.

My son particularly loved his cooked breakfast the morning after surgery !!

Thank you

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 18 September 2014


Hip Hip Hooray! The best and most positive hospital stay

It is almost hard to put into words how fantastic my experience was! From my first consultation in November 2013, I was more than impressed and the care and compassion which was carried on throughout my second visit and then my stay in May 2014 for a total right hip replacement has been exemplary. Everybody deserves a ten out of ten grading, from receptionists, to nursing staff, a superb chef and the young lady who cleaned my room. Everyone made my stay comfortable and it was friendly, caring and I was made to feel like a person, not just a number. My consultant and his medical team are phenomenal and I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me, it is still fairly early days since my operation, but I know I am going to be delighted and it will give me a new lease of life. I cannot recommend this hospital highly enough and if we had had the chance to rate it more than 5 stars, I most certainly would have given it at least double that if not triple!
Thank you to everyone for making what was a worrying and traumatic experience so very positive and I am just so sorry I had not known about this hospital in 2011 when I had to have major spinal surgery.
Keep up the brilliant work your happy and very friendly atmosphere will continue to make many patients very happy. You are a shining example to proper health care.

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 11 June 2014


A very positive life changing decision

Previous hospitals & consultants had been unable to decide a course of treatment and fell back on ever increasing precriptions of strong pain killers and bed rest, effectively ‘giving up’ on me.
My GP had heard some very positive reports about a surgeon in Peterborough and made a referral.
They were very positive in his approach to my treatment that resulted in 2 very successful spinal operations.
He has continued to support me over the last 12 years and I am sure without his intervention I would be unable to walk today.
I have recommended this Hospital to 2 friends and they have enjoyed similar positive results.
The hospital is superb; you will be in safe hands I can assure you.
I recommend this Hospital & consultant unreservedly.

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 16 June 2014


Spinal decompression

had an operation for spinal decompression at the beginning of April,having been referred by my GP.Initially,I saw the consultant in January,followed by another chat five weeks later,when an appointment for the operation was arranged.This had to be delayed by three weeks,but when the day of the operation came,I was at the hospital early in the morning,and raring to go.A chat to the surgeon,and another to the anaethatist,and then I was ready for theatre,dressed appropriately in gown and white socks!I eventually went to theatre and renewed my aquaintance with the anaethetist,who administered the anaesthetic via a canular in the back of my left hand.I was away with the fairiesand the next thing I remember was waking up in my room,feeling a little light headed,but not really in any pain.The nurses were all very nice,supplying lots of tea and water,followed by a light meal.I had already mastered the TV earlier that morning,so was happy to lie backand enjoy the evening’s programmes,as well as using my mobile to let the family know that I was ok.At some stage during the evening,I was allowed to use the loo,under supervision,and settled down for a comfortable nigh’s sleep.The following morning,I managed to wash and shave,followed by a vey welcome full English.A visit from the surgeon confirmed that I would be able to go home about eleven o’clock,followed by a visit from the physiotherapist,and a trial run at managing the stairs
My overall experience was that I was treated extremely well by everyone,the accomodation was clean and comfortable,and the catering great.
I have just been back to see the consultant,and been discharged,with only minor restrictions to my lifestyle,and then not for much more than another three weeks or so.

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 19 May 2014


top class service from the nhs

professional caring and very informative . this was the level of care that i received before during and after my surgery and i have nothing but the greatest of praise for the consultant and all of his team .

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 26 May 2014


Flying at 7 weeks post op

Even though I was in a room on my own i never felt isolated. The room was everything one would expect from an extremely modern hospital.
The nursing staff were extremely attentive and could not have cared for me better than my mother would have done.
The food was absolutely first class, freshly prepared with more than ample portions.
The very nice cleaner also passed the time of day with me and seemed interested in me.
Procedurally somebody was always there to explain what was going on.
Pre op was a breeze.
Post op was equally fuss and drama free. The nurses had me doing small exercises as soon as the anaesthetic wore off.
My surgeon did a wonderful job with my total knee replacement operation. I in turn followed his recovery instructions to the letter. Consequently i had recovered so well that he wrote a ‘fit to fly’ letter for me so I was able to take an 8 hour flight to America after only 7 weeks post op as opposed to the 12 weeks that airlines stipulate.
An amazing team.

Visited in February 2014. Posted on 29 May 2014


Excellent Hospital

I was very happy with the treatment I received at the Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital in Peterborough from the nursing staff to the Anaesthetist and Consultant.
I was looked after extremely well from the initial meeting to discharge and would be very happy to recommend the Hospital to anyone looking for the kind of treatment offered there.

Visited in February 2014. Posted on 15 March 2014


Quality of Care and Treatment

From the first consultation to my discharge from hospital , I cannot praise this hospital enough.

The quality of care they provide is nothing short of excellent. From the calm way that procedures are explained; the way you are put at ease as you are prepared for your operation, to the superb post-op treatment you receive is testament to the high professional standards that this hospital sets.

During my short stay, I never felt alone. The staff were always checking if I needed anything to make my stay as comfortable as possible. The Catering Department are to be commended for the excellent choice of menu offered to patients

The consultant has certainly improved my quality of life after suffering for a long time with a severe back problem.

I have no hesitation in recommending this hospital to anyone

Visited in February 2014. Posted on 03 June 2014


Surgery for total hip replacement

After almost 2 years of constant hip pain, I was refered to The Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital, from the first appointment through to the actual day of the operation, the surgeon and his team could not have done anymore to explain how the operation would progress and how re-couperation would progress. My main fear is needles, not the operation itself, and the anesthetist was patient and explained that he would put a line in my elbow, until I was asleep. I woke after the operation, tucked up in bed, the nursing staff were so attentive, professional and made sure I was comfortable and not in pain. Overall the care was second to none. A thank you also to the Chef. Thank you so much for giving me my mobility back.

Visited in January 2014. Posted on 21 March 2014


Hip Replacement

The reception and explanation of my condition was exemplary. I had no fears as a result.
The consultant surgeon was most considerate and professional in every way as were the admin and nursing staff.
The pre- operation and recovery phase was smooth and comfortable, bearing in mind the operation itself.

Follow up consultation was equally as professional and considerate as can be.
In passing the food was excellent.

Visited in January 2014. Posted on 14 April 2014


The consultant and all the staff ant Bretton Hospital

From my first visit and seeing my consultant, I was treated with utmost respect and consideration.
The operation was described fully with options and outcomes. I had some further questions and rang the hospital, and instead of receiving a telephone resonse, the consultant gave me a second cosultation.
On the day of the operation, I was given every possible care from everyone involved.
The aftercare was equally good, with follow up telephone check after discharege.
I can only praise the whole treatmant that I have received.

Visited in October 2013. Posted on 04 November 2013


excellent treatment & care

My experience at the Peterborough Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital was truly 1st class service from my 1st consultation to the release from the hospital after my operation. I attended the hospital with severe pain down my left leg particularly when lying down on my back or seated for a short time and was introduced to the spinal and orthopaedic specialist. After the consultation and examination, he diagnosed a trapped nerve at the base of my spine and with my agreement booked me in for surgery in three weeks time! The operation was done with all aspects of the surgery explained clearly in advance by them and was a complete success leaving me with no pain. The whole experience of all the staff including the marvellous chef and of course the consultant was exceptional. I would certainly recommend this hospital
to future patients.

Visited in October 2013. Posted on 29 November 2013


Lumbar decompression surgery

Although I was only in for an overnight stay, I found ALL the staff treated me with dignity and respect at all times. Staff had time to explain procedures ,expectations and gave me time to ask questions. Every member of staff introduced themselves and what their role was during my care they are all professional and courteous . I felt comfortable and relaxed during my stay, I did not feel as though I was being rushed at all. The food tasted lovely, and was well presented . My only criticism would be that the car park garden needs a gardener.

Visited in October 2013. Posted on 26 October 2013


Spinal Surgery

I had spinal surgery and it has changed my life. I was told that nothing could be done
for me at my local hospital. I’d had 2 prolapsed discs and my vertabrae was out of alingnment. I was left for nearly 2 years walking around like a woman of 90..I found this hospital an the internet and asked my G.P. to refer me for a second opinion. All the procedure was explained to me, the good the bad and the ugly as I like to think of it. i was offered an op date on the day of my appointment and within 6 weeks I’d had my op and was at last free of pain. There was some discomfort at the op sight of course and my muscles had to learn to work properly again. 2months on I am pain free and line dancing again, walking, taking the grandkids out. I ache now and again when I have been doing too much but No pain..

Visited in September 2013. Posted on 26 October 2013


Spinal decompression surgery

I was overwhelmed how quickly my operation was organised following my consultation. Every member of staff I met during my stay showed care and consideration. I no longer have the pain I suffered for at least 5 months prior to my surgery. I cannot thank the team enough. A follow up call a week after my surgery at home from a nurse who had been involved with my care was a very welcome surprise and much appreciated. The cleanliness of all areas was fantastic. The choice of menu was five star, with beautifully prepared meals delivered by the chef himself. I would certainly recommend this hospital to all of my friends and family.

Visited in August 2013. Posted on 29 October 2013


Spinal operation to relieve pressure on spinal cord

The operation and post operation care was 5 star
The caring attitude of all the staff was beyond what you would what you might hope for !
Food and cleanliness – excellent
The doctor who performed the operation is a very talented and dedicated professional

Visited in August 2013. Posted on 26 October 2013


Spine Surgery

I had suffered for just shy of 2 decades with severe back pain and seen just about everyone for physio, acupuncture, alexander technique, tens machines, serious pain killers, back supports etc etc. I was under the care of a loal consultant who forcefully urged me to undertake spine blocks which would give me a 30% chance of pain relief but at higher risks of damage to my spine or nerves etc and could cause me more pain. He refused to do anything else for me.
This is when i asked my GP to refer me to see a consultant at OSSH Peterborough to give me a second opinion. I had heard about his work through a close family member who had been a patient of his on several occasions. My GP was concerned about the fact that i would be travelling approx 200 miles across the country to see this man but his reputation was so good i wasn’t prepared to see anyone else.
After speaking with the consultant, i felt very confident about what was to be a major spine operation with 6-18 months of recovery afterwards, I left feeling hopeful i could eventually have a more normal life style.
I am now post op and recovering well. I have been given my life back and cannot thank the consultant enough for his life changing work!

This consultant is very smart, professional, easy to understand, puts you at ease, has the time to answer all your questions, share a few jokes and of course the most crucial bit, perform his magic in theatre!

The staff at OSSH are warm and friendly and very professional. Thank you to everyone who cared for me and played their part in changing my life for the better. xxxxx

Visited in August 2013. Posted on 05 February 2014


Knee Arthroscopy

Outstanding professional care and attention received throughout from all staff I came into contact with. The care I received was one which you would expect to receive if you were a private patient. I wish the consultant and associates/staff every success in the years ahead.

Visited in July 2013. Posted on 02 October 2013


Spinal opp lower back

I was impressed how quickly I was seen and given a date for my operation .The day of the surgery was relaxed and was on time the food was excellent I am still improving after the procedure but I would not hesitate recommending this unit , the whole ethos of the unit is set from the top all the staff were great .

Visited in July 2013. Posted on 02 October 2013


The most professional and caring hospital ever experienced

I was recently admitted to the Orthopaedics and Spinal Specialist Hospital in Peterborough. To put my experience into context I’ve had multiple operations in a number of hospitals over the years, this was my fourteenth operation but my fist at this hospital. It was obvious from my first consultation all the way through my procedure and on my follow-up after discharge that this Hospital is something special.

My consultant is clearly an exceptionally well qualified consultant who, unlike many I have encountered, goes out of their way to know and understand their patient, It was very clear to me that my consultant is passionate about what they do.

This passion is extended to all of the nurses and the staff, the professionalism is clear to see but most importantly the keenness and drive to ensure that every patients needs are meet is uppermost.

I have never come across such a well motivated, qualified and thoroughly charming group of professionals who’s drive and commitment (taken right from the top) stems all the way down the chain of command to include the nurses, porters, chefs, cleaners etc.

I would like to thank (all) the staff for there commitment, professionalism and dedication to what they do. This is the best hospital I have every been admitted to and this margin is vast, a clear example on how to provide an exceptional service and always showing the patient that you really do care. Thank you D L Haynes

Visited in July 2013. Posted on 04 July 2013


Hospital of Choice

No matter what my condition I would wish that any hospital that I was treated in would be as reassuring as this one.
The professionalism of the surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses, chef, cleaners was the best ever. I can only sing the highest praise for the care I was given.

Visited in June 2013. Posted on 12 September 2013


Spinal surgery on neck

Exceedingly nice Consultant and very reassuring. The Surgeon was excellent I highly recommend him. The Orthopaedic and Spinal Hospital is lovely and the staff are all extremely helpful.
I was a patient in the Spinal Surgery department

Visited in June 2013. Posted on 22 September 2013


Excellent Hospital – Highly Recomended

I wish to thank the surgeon & all his colleagues for the 3 major opperations that I have had this year (2013) which were all a success and the care and support is second to none.

I would highly recommend this Hospital to anyone who is requiring a skilled surgeon and very caring staff without hesitation.
Thank you.

Visited in June 2013. Posted on 14 November 2013


neck operation

I attended this hospital for an operation on my neck, i was given all the facts related to the procedure. On the day i was incredibly nervous and the staff were fantastic and took time to put myself and my partner at ease nothing was too much trouble for them. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this hospital again and i have already recommended them to a few people i know.

Visited in May 2013. Posted on 15 September 2013


Total Knee Replacement

After being in constant pain for over a year I was diagnosed with my left Knee wants replacing. I was sent to Orthopaedics and Spine Specialist Hospital Peterborough
where I was booked in for operation on 4 March 2013. I arrived Monday 8 am,put at my ease and got me ready for operation at 12noon. Back to my room by 3pm at 5pm the nurses got me up and walked me round the bed ” I have No Pain”
Tuesday 05 March 10 am I walked 29 steps up 9 stairs sat in chair 5 mins. then walked back to bed ,continued walking throughout the day.
Wednesday 06 March 2013 12 noon after talks with Doctor was given list of exercises
to do and allowed to go home.
I would like to say a” Big big” thank you to the doctor and all his Wonderfull
Dedicated Staff . I am free of Pain.1

Visited in March 2013. Posted on 15 September 2013


My experience after receiving spine surgery

From the first consultation to coming home after quite a big operation iI cannot fault this wonderful hospital. The consultant and all of his team were in constant contact throughout my treatment. Nothing was too much, This was proper patient care not form filling and paperwork. From the outset I was met by each member of the team who took their time to explain what their role was and the procedures that they would perform. I was put at ease at all times and any queries I had we’re professionally answered. The nursing staff made me feel like I was a person not just another patient, they did not ask me to do anything that I was not comfortable with and were there when needed. Cleanliness was excellent with the cleaning lady introducing herself and asking every morning if she could clean my bathroom. Food is an important part of recovery and I could’nt have asked for more. the food was wonderful and personally presented to me by the chef. I know that my operation was not without pain, I still have some way to go but I feel that having the treatment here has made things so much more stress free and I know that I can contact them if I have any worries or concerns during my recovery.

Visited in February 2013. Posted on 27 February 2013


Assessment Referal

Today I met with my doctor in order to review recent MRI scans of my spine and to discuss the implications and possible treatment plans. I was extremely impressed by the friendliness of the staff. The areas I saw were all clean and decorated to a high standard. My consultation was thorough and detailed and his advice excellent. I also felt that he invited and listened to my input. I would thoroughly recommend this establishment and its staff and should the need arise I would opt to be referred here again.

Visited in January 2013. Posted on 18 January 2013


Shoulder operation

I was referred to this hospital in 2012 , after seeing the doctor my operation was booked for December 18th, everything was explained to me in detail and I was shown the room I would occupy, the operation went very smoothly and every care and consideration was given to me throughout, I have nothing but praise for the doctor and his staff ,I would not hesitate to recomend the hospital to anyone.

Visited in November 2012. Posted on 24 February 2013


The care before, during and after is exceptional

What I liked

I was fully informed about the procedure that would take place, the reasons why and what effects it would have. They took time to explain every little detail leaving me in total confidence.
The immediate after care was exceptional, but with the necessary guidance and persuasion to get moving again within my limits.
Any question I had were handled very thoroughly giving me the reassurance I needed once I left their care.

Visited in April 2012. Posted on 20 July 2012


Life changing consultant is a genius, with a wonderful gentle personality.

From the first time I met the consultant they filled me with the confidence that they could help me to take action and reduce the extreme pain I had been suffering. My back was in such a state that the pain had moved from my lower back to all down both legs and this meant i could never find effective pain relief.

With the consultants support, following a second MRI scan, we agreed to have the surgery to my back, which involved bridges being attached to my spine.

From that day to now, some 4 months later, following the consultants guidance, my life has changed, gone is the pain and associated poor quality of life, now I feel like i a new woman and look forward to a much healthier and active future.

many thanks to the consultant and their excellent team, I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

What could have been improved


Visited in March 2012. Posted on 12 July 2012


Absolutley fantasic and it is the best hospital I have ever been in.

What I liked

I was very impressed by the way I was treated from beginning till the end the doctor was fantastic and so was the PA who went far above their duty it doing everything they could to help you and the cleaning staff nurses were lovely and caring, I was most impressed by the aftercare and would highly recommend this hospital to all people.

What could have been improved

There was nothing to improve on the service and staff were fantastic

Any other comments

Would highly reccommed this hospital to everyone

Visited in January 2012. Posted on 13 March 2012


Superb quality of care within the friendly ambience of a small clean hospital.

What I liked

I appreciated the friendly personal care and attention I received in the privacy of my own room. I was put at ease and made to feel ‘special’ by everyone including the chef and housekeeper as well as the nursing staff, nothing was ever too much trouble.
Thanks to the surgeon’s skill and his caring team, my quality of life was restored in the shortest possible time imaginable following a Total Hip Replacement operation.

What could have been improved

Absolutely nothing.

Any other comments

Choice of menu and food presentation was superb. It was just a pity I didn’t have the appetite to do it justice following a major operation!!!

Visited in September 2011. Posted on 18 October 2011


Excellent at all times.

What I liked

The surgeon has operated on me 5 times over the last 11 years and all operations have been 100% successful. Staff, service and care have all been excellent including any follow up consultations. I hold the surgeon, their staff and hospital with the highest degree of excellence.

What could have been improved


Visited in July 2011. Posted on 03 August 2011

100% satisfaction

What I liked

Very calm, clean environment, friendly informative staff, high standard of care and excellent results – after my treatment, I am back to normal – This hospital was recommended to me by more than one person and I would have no hesitation in recommending it myself

Visited in June 2011. Posted on 29 July 2011


I could not fault the whole experience

What I liked

All aspects of the hip replacement operation that I received inJune 2011 were very good.

Preliminary consultations, operation, post-op treatment, physiotherapy, nursing care, general ambience – all were of the highest quality.

What could have been improved


Visited in June 2011. Posted on 04 August 2011


You will have the very best of care and expertise at this hospital.

For the very first time whilst being in a hospital I felt really ‘cared’ for.

What could have been improved


Any other comments

The surgeon and his team put you at ease at a daunting time and I would say that this hospital has an exemplarary standard of care.

Visited in April 2011. Posted on 30 August 2011


Insightful diagnosis and exceptional care, delivered with a very human touch.

What I liked

Over the course of a knee operation and two hip replacements, the standard of care received by this 78 year old patient has been exemplary:

Insightful diagnosis of overall condition and specific treatment needs.

Minimally invasive surgery techniques to aid rapid recovery.

Dedicated, professional and friendly care from all members of the team.

Very comfortable, clean hospital accommodation, with excellent food.

Excellent communications and after-care.

What could have been improved


Visited in January 2010. Posted on 12 August 2011